France Tourism Investment

France Tourism Investment (FTI) is a sector-specific fund investing in SMEs linked to the tourism and leisure sector in order to support transformations, stimulate innovation, and make this key sector of the French economy more competitive.


This fund covers the hospitality industry and all forms of management involving accommodations, restaurants, travel, tourism transportation, leisure, and more generally all solutions specific to the sector (distribution, collaboration, digital, etc.) participating in the new sector economy.

Along with the France Region Investment fund and the Sector Investment fund, the France Tourism Investment fund groups small- and medium-sized companies based on a common goal: to develop, consolidate, and transfer growing SMEs and ISEs in France. Together, these funds use multi-specialised, strongly industrial positioning to strengthen the skills and expertise of the French economy. They have already benefited more than 1,000 SMEs and ISEs through equity investments.

  • + €100 Million

    under management

  • 50

    companies in our portfolio

  • €40 Million

    invested in 2018

Portfolio companies

How to benefit from this product or activity?

The main investment rules are:

• The project is profitable and has the potential to create value.
• The investment is in equity or quasi-equity, and is seeking co-investment, with tickets ranging from €150,000 to €7m.
• The investment is a minority investment (although there may be exceptions in cases involving co-financing).
• The investment is a long-term investment and triggers 360° support for the company (with participation in governance on a case-by-case basis) in order to boost growth and achieve its potential to create value.
• The investment decision involves ESG criteria.