Three new partnerships between Bpifrance and Rwandan organizations to reinforce economic ties

The three Memorandums of Understanding, signed on May 27, aim at strengthening economic cooperation between France and Rwanda, and boosting their entrepreneurial ecosystems.

New partnerships that will bring France and Rwanda’s entrepreneurial ecosystems together. On May 27, 2021, three MoU were signed by Bpifrance and respectively Rwanda ICT Chamber, the Imanzi Business Institute (IBI), and AGDF Corporate Trust (previously known as Agaciro Development Fund). Three partnerships that follow these institutions’ commitment towards entrepreneurs.


Tightening relations with foreign sovereign funds

The three MoU are in line with Bpifrance’s missions. First, to develop long-term partnerships with sovereign wealth funds in order to carry out co-investment operations in France and internationally.

These partnerships also contribute to Bpifrance’s goal to strengthen relationships between Rwanda and France’ business ecosystem, and to support funding and business opportunities between companies from both countries. “Bpifrance has long been strongly involved in supporting the development of a strong entrepreneurial and financial ecosystem on the African continent. We welcome the signing of these three agreements which pave the way for fruitful exchanges with Rwanda, allowing us to develop opportunities for our companies on both sides in terms of innovation, exports and investment”, said Pascal Lagarde, Executive Director of Bpifrance in charge of International, Strategy, Research and Development.

Through these partnerships, the French public investment bank continues to show its will to accompany VSEs and SMEs and help them grow by improving entrepreneurs’ skills and give them other extra-financial resources.


Cooperation between France and Rwanda

The first MoU with Rwanda ICT Chamber facilitates networking between Rwandan tech companies with French and European investors through the EuroQuity platform. This platform is a Bpifrance service that helps innovative companies to find funding and business partnerships in France, Europe and Africa.

The second MoU with Imanzi Business Institute (IBI) allows Rwandan entrepreneurs to access Bpifrance Université, a platform offering free of charge educational contents for entrepreneurs to improve their skills, and to help them redefine their strategies.  

The third and last MoU with AGDF Corporate Trust aims at advising the Sovereign Wealth Fund in its development and strategy, and developing joint actions in terms of direct and indirect investments.

All three were signed on the sidelines with the visit of the French President Emmanuel Macron in Rwanda the same day. The partnerships have also been done in close partnership with Rwanda Finance Ltd, a partner of Bpifrance.

Three partnerships that demonstrate France and Rwanda’s willingness to strengthen their economic ties, and boost their business ecosystems.