Omnes, the leading French venture capital fund, announces a €130M fund raising to invest in Deep Tech

Omnes, a major player in private equity and infrastructure, announces the final closing of its Omnes Real Tech fund, giving it a €130 million investment capacity to invest in Deep Tech. 

With the support of many institutional investors including Bpifrance, Omnes Real Tech focuses on the development of breakthrough technologies (components, materials, software) Deep Tech startups' Series A and Series B financing. Through long-term investments in these start-ups, Omnes is committed to strengthening French and European innovations in strategic areas (space technology, green technology, cybersecurity...), sovereignty, and sustainable development issues.


Investing in Deep Tech, a tremendous opportunity 

In the new industrial revolution where biology, digital technology, and physical technology are intertwined, many start-ups are making breakthrough technological innovations, thanks to European technological excellence, successful multi-entrepreneurs, and specific seed funds the emergence of plans. However, after the seed stage, few French venture capital institutions can support these start-ups. This requires expert expertise. They can provide them with specific topics such as internationalization, production, quality processes, R&D roadmaps, and marketing.  

The Omnes Real Tech Fund responded to this market opportunity by supporting approximately 20 Deep Tech startups in the A and B rounds to develop strategic technologies for France and Europe.


A fund dedicated to Deep Tech supported by numerous investors including Bpifrance 

The Omnes Real Tech fund has 130 million euros, exceeding the original target of 100 million euros, and benefits from the support of leading investors, such as Bpifrance.  

Bpifrance has been firmly committed to the emergence and development of Deep Tech startups, but there are still many institutions and industrial investors (PRO BTP, Vygon...). 

So far, the fund has invested in Solvionic, Dust Mobile, and Sekoia operating in the high growth potential areas of future batteries and cybersecurity. 


Essential lever for the industry's recovery 

In the context of the current health crisis, and following the government's industrial recovery plan, the plan contributes to the revival of innovation, competition, and environmental protection industries. Through its specialization (components, materials, and software) and willingness to build bridges between start-ups and industrial participants, the Omnis Real Tech Fund aims to become one of the key players in revitalizing the industrial structure. 

Michel de Lempdes, Managing Partner of Omnes: "For the past 20 years, Omnes has supported numerous successful serial entrepreneurs in the Deep Tech sector, some of whom have invested in our fund. Thanks to its experience and complementarity, this community is a real lever for value creation for our start-ups. It provides valuable advice to new management teams. We aim to invest in Deep Tech start-ups that offer breakthrough technologies capable of giving France and Europe a strategic technological lead".