Mademoiselle Desserts, the international and sustainable French pastries

Explorers’ Words are the testimonies of French entrepreneurs who have international ambitions. In today’s episode, Steve Ond Ond, Managing Director Netherlands of Mademoiselle Desserts, tell us more about the many projects of the company.

France is well-known for its delicious pastries. Among the successful companies that represents the French know-how in the field of pastry making is Mademoiselle Desserts. The company prepares all types of frozen pastries for distributors, restaurant owners and other craftsmen, in France and all around the world. Didier Boudy, its President, has many ambitions: beyond going international, he and his teams are turning towards more sustainable and greener approach. 


An international success story

Mademoiselle Desserts has a strong international DNA, and exportations represent 30% of its revenues. The company is well represented in Europe with several implantations in the United-Kingdom and in the Netherlands but has also explored faraway lands. It thus sells its pastries in the United States, South Korea, China, Japan, Thailand, the United Arab Emirates, etc.  

Such a worldwide scope requires Mademoiselle Desserts’ pastries to be adapted to the local tastes, yet still having its French touch. A challenge taken up by the company: “What makes us so unique in our market is that we have the ability to adapt to each of our customers' requests, whether they be in distribution, catering, or craftsmanship, but also to the various markets in which we are present” explains Steve Ond Ond.  

In this international competition, Mademoiselle Desserts also shows another strong advantage: its commitment to the environment.  


Tasting good, good for the environment

Mademoiselle Desserts now aims at being as harmless as possible for the environment. It has even launched in 2013 a company project for a greener approach, which includes reducing packaging, limiting sugar, and removing additives. Moreover, the ingredients are rigorously and locally selected to obtain the best quality products. 

The pastry specialist tries to inspire other entrepreneurs in its movement. It is not only an Excellence member, but also an ambassador for the Coq vert, a Bpifrance community launched in early 2021 that gathers entrepreneurs committed to ecological and energy transition. This commitment is part of a broader CSR approach that includes parity between men and women.  

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