Greentech: what does the French ecological and energy transition’s landscape look like?

As the climate bank, Bpifrance encourages the green transition of companies, especially in the tech ecosystem. Here’s an overview of the French Greentech companies’ scene.

As the recent report of the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) points out “unprecedented” and dramatical climate changes all around the world, Greentech companies represent key stakeholders of environment protection. According to McKinsey, 40% of the response to the challenge of being carbon neutral by 2050 relies on them. These innovative companies develop high-end technologies to reduce carbon footprint and, more generally, offer solutions to reduce (directly or not) climate change. From energy to agriculture or even transports, Greentech startups are represented in every fields and remain in close ties with La French Tech ecosystem. Bpifrance has recently released an infographic to better identify the Greentech landscape in France.


A pool of 800 startups

Here are 8 key points about the Greentech companies’ scene in France:

  • There are 800 Greentech startups in France with an average revenue of €1.4 million.
  • 12% of them are also Deeptech startups.
  • 1/3 of French Greentech companies are energy oriented. Green chemistry & bio-based materials, environment and new energies represent the 2/3 of the French Greentech companies.
  • Between 2014 and 2020, Greentech startups have seen an 80% increase in fundraising.
  • Ecovadis (€213 millions), Mcphy (€180 millions), and Ynsect (€126 millions) represent the top 3 fundraisings of 2020.
  • Among La French Tech 120 companies, 12% are Greentech companies.
  • In May 2021, 20 startups have been selected to take part in the “La French Tech Green20” program to benefit from La French Tech support.
  • Greentech startups face many challenges, among which regulatory issues, market targeting, recruitment, and access to financing.

To support startups with these challenges, and in respect with one the three pillars of its Climate Plan, Bpifrance aims at financing Greentechs innovation as well as sustainable and resilient networks.


Find here the infographic (in French):