Bpifrance launches a Hydrogen mission in Germany, operated with Business France

In 2020, Germany presented its national strategy for hydrogen, with more than 9 billion euros for the development of its technologies. 

This Hydrogen mission in Germany is aimed at the leaders of start-ups, scale-ups, or innovative SMEs, who aim to : 
- Evaluate their chances of development, 
- Validate their strategy, 
- Increase their visibility and initiate business flows on the most coveted market in Europe

By participating in this mission, you will achieve two essential objectives:

Prepare yourself for the specificities of the German hydrogen market: 
- Benefit from collective coaching and debriefing on-site with qualified professionals to better understand your potential market
- Benefit from a study of the German hydrogen market in order to know the environment

Increase your visibility and initiate business contacts:
- Meet German customers, potential partners, and entities with the support of Business France teams,
- Invitation to a series of Business Talks on hydrogen.

Why the mission?

- Germany: European hub for meetings and information in the hydrogen sector, 
- Virtual visit of the e-world exhibition (with a meeting with a major account) exclusively dedicated to innovations in the fields of smart grids and energy services,
- An unprecedented German strategy of 9 billion euros of which 7 billion for the development of hydrogen technologies in Germany and 2 for the development of international green hydrogen projects.

How to participate?

- Download the application form at www.bpifrance.fr 
- Submit your complete application online on the PIC extranet before May 10, 2021, at 23:00 (see rules),
- You will receive an email acknowledging receipt of your application, 
- An application will be considered complete once all the necessary documents are provided,
- Your application will be submitted to a selection panel, which will evaluate your application on the basis of the documents provided,
- The main elements of evaluation are defined in the evaluation grid (available at www.bpifrance.fr),
- The list of winners will be published in a press release during the Bootcamp.