European and International Relations


Partnerships with foreign organizations

Internationalization is a key component for the development of Bpifrance both in the case of companies that we support or in our relations with other states and institutions.

It means increased cooperation, like innovation cooperation with foreign companies (“finance your project”), connecting foreign business communities with investors, opening up to international talents and give them access to the French market (French Tech Ticket) or investments in common funds or in cross border funds (Averroes and cross border funds).

It also means an increased collaboration with foreign states and institutions in the form of building European and international partnerships that will then cover all our financing, investment, and export insurance businesses, and our participation in international networks that enhance best in class practices in all these fields.

Intra-European collaboration with European institutions is also a key element, for the benefit of SMEs.


European & International networks

Bpifrance takes an active part in the European public debate and dialogue through the Brussels office with the European institutions and counterparts.

A long-term investor and promotional institution, Bpifrance supports EU policies in favor of entrepreneurship and innovation, steering initiatives at the national and regional level:

  • As a partner of the European Investment Bank and shareholder of the European Investment Fund supporting InvestEU
  • As a partner of the Regional Authorities deploying ESFI
  • Facilitating access to Horizon 2020 for French SMEs

Bpifrance is very active in several European and International networks, to jointly undertake actions with its peers for helping French companies in their development, to take advantage of the best practices worldwide, but also to share its expertise especially in terms of continuity of different activities like innovation + investment+ financing + guaranteeing .. in support of business development.


Isabelle Lebo

International Partnerships Development

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The different networks in which Bpifrance is involved are:

Euromed Capital: Association that promotes exchanges and cooperation between different actors and partners in private equity on both sides of the Mediterranean (investors, lawyers, consultants, financed companies, international public or private organizations involved in this field) and facilitates the development of their business flows between Europe and Africa

NEFI (Network of European Financial Institutions for SMEs) is a network of 19 national development banks in the EU Member States. Its mission is to promote the exchange of information and good practices between its members (product lines, European regulation, role of development banks in the implementation of European policies ...)

TAFTIE aims to establish collaboration in the implementation of national technology programs. The organization brings together 29 innovation agencies to exchange best practices mainly in the field of innovation in order to foster increased collaboration.

EVFIN is a dialogue platform bringing together 16 of the leading VC investors in Europe. It contributes to public debate in the EU by exploring possible measures to support the development of VCs and by sharing best practices within its network and within the European institutions

The AECM represents the political interests of 47 guarantee societies towards the European institutions and deals mainly with issues related to the regulation of state aid for guarantee, European support programs, and prudential supervision. It also promotes the use of guarantees in Europe and the exchange of good practices in its network (eg schematic conceptualization of public guarantees, the development factors of family and traditional SMEs ...)

The aim of EUREKA is to strengthen European competitiveness and entrepreneurship by fostering collaboration, driven by innovation in Europe, between small and large companies, research institutes, and universities in 40 countries.

The Montreal Group is a global forum bringing together 10 Development Banks all with a focus on VSE / SME / ETI. Its purpose is to foster international cooperation and exchange of technical expertise among its members on topics and / or products such as loan guarantees, financing of intangible projects, access to international markets…The Montreal Group also organizes world-class Forums on key topics linked to companies’ development.


As the French public investment bank, Bpifrance is committed to providing information regarding its activity.

You can find here all information regarding investors.

Supporting businesses

Bpifrance is a strong and reliable partner for companies in all their development, whether in terms of innovative projects or international development, financing innovation and export activities and bringing guarantees.

Bpifrance is positioned as an Export Credit Agency, and offers a particularly interesting range of export products to support the international expansion of its businesses, both in financing and in guarantee, with loans to develop themselves and insurances to remove the risk of exporting to other countries.

  • Export finance

Bpifrance proposes to ease the export by financing the buyer or by buying the credit made by the exporter to his client. Bpifrance will originate and structure the financing of the contracts for goods and / or services from 1M€ to 25M€ alone or 75M€ in pool. The contracts are covered by an insurance or guarantee from the exporting country.

  • Innovation / Mettre en place un programme conjoint / Technology collaboration

Bpifrance can finance the French part of an innovative project undertaken in collaboration with an foreign company. Many of those projects are funded under the Eureka Eurostars or global stars scheme.


Innovating together in enterprises support

Collaboration accelerates efficiency and innovation: in an increasingly connected world, we are strongly committed to sharing experience, acquiring practices, and working together with counterparts to create mutual value. Our team will help meet and exchange information, initiate partnerships, and will involve as required business departments or our dedicated advisory team.


For foreign banks in France

Foreign banks in France can benefit from the Bpifrance guarantee for their customers