Services and Intangible Property Insurance

You are a French exporter and you would like to protect your service contracts or concession agreement. 
You would like to secure payment as invoices are issued for services provided or concession fees payable in cash.


Services and Intangible Property Insurance covers non-payment risk up to a maximum amount determined by the French exporter. 

This insurance is intended for French companies having entered into any contract for the provision of services against cash payment based on the progress of services defined (engineering, research, technical assistance advisory services, construction supervision, staff training, etc.) or any concession agreement promoting technological advances (patents, expertise) and promoting the intangible economy (brands, concepts, image rights, etc.).


Myriam Crosnier

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Revolving guarantee: when a claim is paid, coverage may continue if the debts are resolved.

How much?

The premium rate depends on the debtor’s country of residence, status and capacity, event of loss and duration of risk. This rate is applied to the maximum amount determined by the French exporter.