Discounts and Supplier Credit Assignments Insurance

You are a French exporter and you would like to strengthen your trade receivables funding.
You want to discount or transfer your supplier credit receivables with a term of more than 2 years granted to a foreign buyer.


Discounts and Supplier Credit Assignments Insurance covers French or foreign lending institutions or financing companies against the risk of non-payment of receivables by a foreign debtor.

Covered receivables are those whose payment rights are recognised by the debtor, materialised in the event of assignment by an approval of delivery, invoice or payment schedule, or by bill of exchange for discounts.

Responsibility for the validity and enforceability of trade receivables falls to the French exporter, while that for the discount or assignment falls to the beneficiary of the insurance.


Myriam Crosnier

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Cover may be raised from 95% to 100% for companies generating revenue ≤ €150 million.
There is no additional cost for the company besides the non-payment premium in respect of the insured supplier credit.

How much?

In case of bank assignments, the bank pays a flat-rate premium of 0.34% on the principal amount of the transferred supplier credit.