International Tech partnerships

Bpifrance guides and supports innovative companies in building technological partnerships. The goal is to accelerate international growth for start-ups and SMEs by strengthening their innovation capacity and efficiency through tech partnerships with strategic players in France and abroad. 


This solution is designed to encourage and fund innovative collaborations between French and international companies. The programme should allow companies to unlock the final stages of developing an innovative solution before going to market. 

Calls for projects are initiated by Bpifrance and its partners, offering a joint financing framework to companies seeking to form a tech partnership: Bpifrance will fund the French company, and the foreign company will be funded by Bpifrance’s counterpart in the company’s country.

Calls for projects may or may not target certain sector-centric themes (Biotech, Industry 4.0, Clean Tech, Smart Mobility, AI, etc.). Once submitted, Bpifrance and its partners will make a mutual decision about whether or not to fund the most innovative and promising projects. 

This means that, if you come from a partner country, you can potentially obtain funding to establish a partnership with a French company! Please contact your national agency to learn more about the eligibility criteria.


Mael M’Baye

International Program Manager at Bpifrance

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Who is it for?

Bpifrance and its partners fund tech partnerships intended to develop/adapt near-market innovative solutions. Projects must exhibit a strong innovative component with a solid outlook for commercialisation and industrialisation. 

This programme is therefore aimed at companies with strong international growth potential seeking complementary innovations to access future markets. It is designed to unlock the final development stages for a product, service or industrial process. 

Start-ups, SMEs, and corporations: you can submit a proposed partnership with a French company that highlights your technical contribution and the market strategy for the project. 

In France, eligible companies can receive one of the following forms of funding: 

• Innovation Development Assistance, in the form of a Repayable Loan, which can cover up to 65% of eligible costs, capped at €3 million 
• Deeptech Development Assistance, combining a grant (maximum of 50% assistance) and a Repayable Loan, which can cover up to 45% of eligible costs, capped at €2 million 
• A grant under the Eurostars  programme, which can cover up to 40% of eligible costs, capped at €3 million 
This funding is exclusively for French companies with no more than 2,000 employees.

Funding arrangements may vary according to the partner country. Please contact your national agency directly for more information. 

How to benefit from this product or activity

To be eligible, a project must: 

• Bring together at least one French company and one foreign company
• Promote a technological collaboration between the two partners 
• Be near-market with a balanced budget breakdown
• Require no more than three years of development 

Companies from a winning consortium may receive funding from Bpifrance and its counterpart.