Podcast : Bpifrance’s action on the African continent during covid-19, by TXF

Africa is a top priority for Bpifrance. Discover in this podcast the impact the crisis has had from our point of view on the African economy and our activity on the continent.

Arnaud Floris, head of West, Central and North Africa at Bpifrance was interviewed by TXF to discuss  our response to the pandemic on the continent.

"In my opinion, it is crucial that French and European companies that are developing in Africa collaborate more with local entrepreneurs in order to encourage the transfer of competences."

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Arnaud Floris' mission is to finance and support French companies of all sizes in Africa, particularly SMEs and mid-cap companies.
During the Covid-19 crisis, the priority was to secure exporters' cash flows. The French government quickly deployed an emergency plan to help exporters.


  1. Consolidate export loyalties and the pre-financing system for SMEs and mid-cap companies, by increasing the public guarantee on pre-financing and international financing by up to 90%. The aim is to restore confidence between companies and investors and to lighten the cash-flow of exporting companies.
  2. Increase the support to short term credit insured market by allowing them to cope with the potential increase of payment incidents due to the crise.
  3. Add an additional year on Prospecting Insurance to shift 2020 travel plans to 2021.
  4. Share information about the impact on specific markets for exporters.