Foreign Exchange Trade Insurance

You are a French exporter and you would like to submit a local currency-denominated commercial offer. Bpifrance Assurance Export covers you against foreign exchange risk. With the Foreign Exchange Trade Insurance, we protect you against currency fluctuations as soon as you submit your offer. 


Foreign Exchange Trade Insurance follows the exporter from the time the commercial offer is submitted to the final payment term. The profit margin is secured from the negotiation phase forward, with the forward exchange rate set as soon as the insurance is in place.

The insurance covers more than 40 currencies, including: USD, CAD, GBP, JPY, CHF, SGD and HKD.

Any French company registered in France is eligible for this cover, as long as:
- He trade shall be an individual transaction and not consist of payment flows
- There must still be foreign exchange risk prevailing on the trade at the time the request is submitted


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• The insurance is irrevocable once the forward rate is set 
• The premium is partially refundable if the trade falls through
• Foreign exchange losses are fully covered
• An option is available allowing the insured party to recover any foreign exchange gains during the negotiation phase

How much?

The premium rate applied to the insured amount is based on the insured currency, the term of the commercial trade, and the choice of option. The premium is payable in full once the guaranteed forward rate is set.

Any foreign exchange gain shall be returned to Bpifrance Assurance Export.