Export Insurance

Since January 2017, Bpifrance Assurance Export, a subsidiary of Bpifrance, is the new French export credit agency acting in the name, on behalf and under the control of the French State, We offer a wide range of solutions for French companies to support foreign markets prospects, to secure the issuance of bonds and pre-financing by banks, to make competitive financing available to foreign clients, to cover exchange risks, to secure exports and overseas investments. Our Export Insurance products at every stage of your export development: Market Prospection Payable Advance, Bonds and working Capital Guarantee, Credit Insurance, Exchange risk assurance, Foreign investments insurance

Market Prospection Repayable Advance: to win market share abroad, without fear of failure and with financial support   

Exploring new markets abroad exposes companies to considerable costs, leading to cash requirements. For all companies (industrial, commercial and services) under French law, whose turnover is less than € 500 M, we support its action thank to:

•   First Steps Market Prospection Repayable Advance (A3P):  SMEs benefits from taking charge of its

first steps;

•    Market Prospection Repayable Advance: Company limits its financial losses following a commercial failure;

  • Market prospection Advance: a combination of  Market prospection Payable Advance for the company and a guarantee  provided to the bank financing the expenses covered (FAP)

You incur prospecting expenditures, Bpifrance Assurance Export compensates your prospecting expenses and you reimburse us for indemnities received on the basis of the export turnover realized.

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First Steps Market Prospection Repayable Advance (A3P) (lien)

Market Prospection Repayable Advance (lien)

Market prospection Advance (lien)

Bonds and working Capital Guarantee: to facilitate the establishment of bonds, or obtain pre-financing in connection with an export contract

we offer a   guarantee aimed at bond issuers, from the bid bond to the performance bond, in all currencies, against the risk of non-repayment by the French company (payment default or insolvency) in the event of the foreign buyer calls the bonds and a guarantee at the lending institutions against the risk of non-repayment by the French company of the pre-financing credit.

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Bonds Guarantee (lien)

Working Capital Guarantee (lien)     

Credit Insurance: to guarantee completion and payment of an export contract or repayment of the loan agreement used to finance it.

You wantto secure the completion and payment of export contracts of goods and/ services during its execution or the repayment of the credit granted to the buyer.

We meet its needs for these transactions whose completion time is long and/or credit terms of more than 2 years.

Credit insurance protects the exporter and/or the banker financing the export contract against the consequence of commercial causes of loss (payment default, insolvency of the buyer or debtor) and/or political causes of loss (such as war, moratorium, embargo, non-transfer, or natural disaster).
The company is covered against the risk of interruption of the contract or non-payment of the debtor. In the event of a credit granted by the bank, the buyer credit guarantee covers the bank from the risk of non-payment of the credit by the borrower.

Credit Insurance may cover the risks associated with various international trade finance instruments such as letters of credit (confirmed or non), supplier credit which may discounted, or buyer credit issued by French or foreign banks to finance export transactions (non-payment risk),common financial packages or more complex ones, such as local currency financing, project financing, asset-based finance and export credit refinancing.

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For exporters:                                                                                    For banks :

Commercial contract Guarantee (lien)                                      Buyer credit Guarantee (lien)

Services and intangible property Guarantee (lien)                 Discount and assigned debt of supplier credit (lien)

Supplier credit                                                                              Letter of credit confirmation Guarantee (lien)

Exchange risk insurance: to export in foreign currencies without exposure to exchange risk

Based on the risk profile (individual transactions or business flows),  Exchange risk negotiation insurance , Exchange risk contract  insurance and Exchange risk insurance on  flows of invoices  provide protection against exchange risk .

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Exchange risk negotiation insurance (lien)

Exchange risk contract insurance (lien)

Exchange risk insurance on flow of invoices (lien)

Foreign Investment Insurance: to invest abroad while being protecting against political risks

This insurance is aimed at all companies incorporated under French law, who wish to protect sustainable foreign investment against political risks. It is also designed for banks that accompany them.

We guarantee that all forms of investment (capital, securities, shareholder loan, etc.)

The company chooses the causes of loss for which they wish to insure: non-transfer, damage to property and non-recovery for a period of 3 to 20 years.

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Foreign Investment Insurance (lien)