Bpifrance International Capital

Being active since February 2014, this investment activity has been developed through seven partnerships mainly dedicated to invest in private equity transactions with a robust financial model and proven track records. Bpifrance may also, according to the investment thesis of certain of its partnerships, invest in other geographies other than France (for instance in the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Russia) to supporting French companies in their international development.

Bpifrance and sovereign wealth funds  and other long term institutional investors

Bpifrance ranks first in Europe for PE market and, together with  Caisse des Dépôts Group, is one of the largest international institutional investors.

Since 2007, a global network of investors including the largest pension funds and sovereign wealth funds in the world has been built, which has specifically resulted in the creation of two complementary cooperation platforms: the Institutional Investors Roundtable (IIR), and the Co-investment Roundtable of Sovereign and Pension Funds (CROSAPF), which aims to create a co-investment networking organisation for international institutional investors. Bpifrance is a member of these two organisations.

Our investment strategy

Bpifrance acts as a minority investor alongside with sovereign wealth funds and other institutional investors with investment tickets of €15 million to €200 million, with the possibility of syndicating additional amounts to third party investors.

Bpifrance and its partners invest with a view to obtaining market returns but has a more flexible and long-term approach than other traditional players.

Positioned as an active minority investor, CDC IC supports its sovereign wealth fund partners in their investments in France, and can therefore also give the businesses in which it invests access to its global network of partners.

Contact : xavier.tessier@bpifrance.fr ; simon.beauroy@bpifrance.fr