A European network of public banks that facilitate access to financing for SMEs

The Network of European Financial Institutions for SMEs was established in 1999.


NEFI consists[AK1]  of 19 financial institutions from 19 European Union Member States:

Austria Wirtschaftsservice (Austria)

Bulgarian Development Bank (Bulgaria)

Croatian Bank for Reconstruction and Development (Croatia)

Czech-Moravian Guarantee and Development Bank (Czech Republic)

Fund KredEx (Estonia)

Finnvera (Finland)

Bpifrance (France)

KfW Bankengruppe (Germany)

MFB Hungarian Development Bank Private Limited Company (Hungary)

SBCI (Ireland)

Banca del Mezzogiorno - MedioCredito Centrale S.p.A (Italy)

Latvian Development Financial Institution Altum (Latvia)

Societe Nationale de Credit et d'Investissement (Luxembourg)

Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego (Poland)

Slovak Guarantee and Development Bank (Slovakia)

SID Bank (Slovenia)

Instituto de Crédito Oficial (Spain)

Almi Företagspartner (Sweden)

BBB (United Kingdom)

These institutions share a public mission to facilitate access to finance for SMEs by offering them financial services and expertise, and bridge market gaps with the cooperation of banks through co-financing and guarantees.


Regular meetings of the permanent working group enable the NEFI members to exchange information and discuss current best practices in financing from each institution particularly through expert meetings.

In parallel, NEFI objectives are:

  • maintain permanent and constructive dialogue about SME financing with European Union institutions (Commission, Parliament, etc.) and other European associations and federations that work for SMEs,
  • offer the European Union and its financial institutions (BEI, FEI) their expertise and advice about implementation of promotional instruments and trans-European financing,
  • facilitate SME access to European and national financing sources 


 [AK1]The text to be translated mentions 12 institutions in 12 states, but the website for NEFI has 19, so I have put updated info from