KfW Bankengruppe

Bpifrance receives loans from KFW to refinance its credit activity.

The partnership between KfW and Bpifrance (both members of the NEFI network) started in 1999. Since then, the quality of relations between Bpifrance and KfW teams has steadily increased as many loans were signed that primarily refinanced Bpifrance’s banking co-finance activity  for SMEs.  By the end of 2009, the outstanding refinancing amount given to Bpifrance (then OSEO) by KfW group was 650 million euros. This close Franco-German partnership is enshrined in a European perspective.

The KfW Bankengruppe (KfW banking group) operates in the social, economic and environmental domains in Germany, Europe, and the world. It supervises transformational processes and promotes forward-looking ideas. It is owned 80% by the Federal Republic of Germany and 20% by the federal states (“Länder”), and it has a solid foundation with recognised banking expertise in economic promotion for more than 50 years.

KfW Bankengruppe’s know-how includes the KfW Mittelstandsbank (KfW bank for SMEs), KfW Förderbank (KfW promotional bank), KfW IPEX-Bank and KfW Entwicklungsbank (KfW Development bank) and the DEG.

KfW Mittelstandsbank consolidates all the activities that are in favour of entrepreneurs and SMEs in Germany and Europe. There are 3.3 million SMEs in Germany and they are the cornerstone of the German economy. They are constantly facing new challenges – most often to find adequate financing. 

KfW Mittelstandsbank offers solutions to SMEs, entrepreneurs, independent professionals, start-ups by providing them –


• Classic loans

• Microcredit

● Mezzanine financing

● Private equity contributions

● Advisory services

KfW Förderbank, covers all the activities in the areas of housing, education, infrastructure, environmental and climate protection. Housing promotion includes grants for the construction and purchase of ownership housing, and for refurbishing and modernising residential properties.

KfW Bankengruppe is committed to environment protection and finances investments in productive sectors serving to protect water, air and soil; using energy efficiently and using renewable energy. It also finances municipal infrastructure projects and training for professionals.

SMEs can access the range of products provided by the KfW Mittelstandsbank and the KfW Förderbank by contacting a commercial bank of their choice located in Germany. Advisory services adapted to their specific needs are available to them.

Within KfW Bankengruppe, the KfW IPEX-Bank is responsible for project and business financing as well as trade and export financing in Germany and abroad. Its activities cover all the competitive international credit operations.

KfW Entwicklungsbank (KfW’s Development bank) works with developing and emerging economies and countries in transition. Its expertise is Germany’s financial cooperation with public institutions, while the DEG operates particularly in creating private business structures.